This site contains information on the public finances of the Netherlands.

When we refer to public finances we usually think of the national budget. The National Financial Annual Report also forms an intrinsic part of the public finances. There is also a budget for each department.

The national budget and the national Financial Annual Report are the highlights within the budget process. One states the intentions regarding a certain budget year with the expected expenditure and receipts. The other shows the results of the budget year concerned.

Departmental budget

The connection between policy, performance and funds is the central issue, both in the budget and in a Ministry’s annual report. A budget answers the questions: What do we want to achieve? What are we going to do about it? How much will it cost?

National Financial Annual Report

The National Financial Annual Report states what has been realized in the previous year compared to the budget, submitted a year and half earlier on Budget Day.

More information

Further information on the public finance in the Netherlands (PDF, 3 Mb) is available via a report from the Dutch treasury department.